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The training center for
proflyers and skydivers

Fly all year round and in any weather

FlyStation Munich is the place for your progress as a proflyer!
Whether you are an AFF student, skydiver or pure tunnel flyer – our instructors and coaches are not only passionate flyers and skydivers themselves. They will also take you to the next level!

Do you have a specific learning goal in mind or just want to become safer in free fall? We will be happy to help you with a training plan tailored to your individual needs.

At FlyStation Munich, you’ll find the perfect training conditions for your favorite sport: with a round diameter of 15 feet (4.5 meters), a total height of 20 meters and a top speed of over 300 km/h, our wind tunnel is one of the strongest in the world and delivers an exceptionally even airflow – even in the door.

Proflyer FlyStation Munich

Proflyer prices

FlyStation Munich does everything in its power to ensure that you fly at the most attractive conditions.
Basically, we do not differentiate whether you fly during on- or off-peak times, but whether you fly low- or highspeed. Your advantage: you can also fly at the best fare at weekends during the day.

As the fluctuations in the energy market have slowly stabilized, all Proflyer packages have included lowspeed electricity again since April 2024.

We define lowspeed as wind speeds up to a maximum of 65 % power. This is more than sufficient for FS teams, belly and back flying and basic dynamic flying. If you want to train static freefly (headdown / sitfly) or highspeed dynamic, we charge 2,50 € per minute extra.

1 h: 590 € / h exkl. coaching
max. 65 %
Highspeed + 2,50 € / min

Valid for 24 months from the date of purchase
Valid anytime

If you would like to buy more than 5 hours, please contact us at

1 h: 770 € / h incl. coaching
max. 65 %
Highspeed + 2,50 € / min

Valid for 24 months from the date of purchase
Valid anytime

If you would like to buy more than 5 hours, please contact us at

Proflyer coaching

With the right coach, your learning success is not only incredibly fun, but also saves you just as much valuable time!

Luckily, we have a diverse team on site to support your learning success in every discipline!
Our coaches are not only certified tunnel instructors, but also AFF instructors, parachute and indoor skydiving competitors, as well as national and international medal winners.

Get to know our team and contact your preferred instructor directly for individual coaching. Or: Book your next training session online now.

Some of the best international coaches regularly hold their tunnel camps at FlyStation Munich. Follow us on Instagram if you don’t want to miss any future events!

Proflyer FlyStation Munich

How to become a Proflyer

Basically every owner of a valid skydiving license is a Proflyer directly with us.
Also: Every indoor skydiver / bodyflyer who can fly safely in the wind tunnel without assistance.
Are you in your AFF training and don’t have a license yet? Book our AFF preparation course and qualify as a proflyer.


Thanks to our specially developed courses, you can become a proflyer in no time at all, even without any previous knowledge, and benefit from the favorable conditions. After about 30 minutes, you will have learned all the skills you need to fly stable on the spot, initiate and stop turns, control your level and fly forwards and backwards. As soon as you can get in and out on your own, you have earned your proflyer status!

15 minutes individual training
for 1 flyer
After two of these courses you can become a proflyer.

30 minutes Team Training
for 2 flyers
After two of these courses you can become a proflyer.

15 Minuten individual training
for (future) skydivers*
(*Proof required)
After one course you’re a proflyer.

10 minuten indivudual training
for 1 kid (4 – 15 years)
After three of these courses you can become a proflyer.

Membership program

At FlyStation Munich, we are certain that regular flying is the key to success.

With the 12-month membership, you train monthly at a discounted rate and regularly continue to build on your successes. Find the best rhythm for you and make new progress with your flying sessions every month. If you’re not sure how to get started or how to improve, our experienced coaches are always available to help you.

Proflyer Membership Programm FlyStation Munich

Proflyer Membership Program advantages

Our membership program includes 30 minutes of monthly flight time at a discounted price, without having to buy a large contingent all at once! Plus:

  • Free rental of your flying equipment
  • Videos of your training session
  • Valid anytime: Fly on lowspeed whenever you want in any Proflyer slot!

The flight minutes must be flown monthly and cannot be accumulated. Coaching is not included within the membership fee.