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Frequently Asked Questions


Children can fly from the age of 4 years. There is no maximum age for flying.
Maximum weight for bodyflying is 120 kg (265 lbs).
If you’ve experienced a recent shoulder, joint, back, spine, neck or heart problem please consult your doctor and contact us before scheduling a flight.
It is not possible to fly during pregnancy. Flying is not recommended for people with cardiac or circulatory problems.
It is not permitted to fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Flying in the vertical wind tunnel is absolutely safe.
The participants of indoor skydiving receive an introductory briefing before flying. While in the flight chamber, every flyer is accompanied by one of our instructors who will maintain control of the guest’s flight experience and ensure a safe environment. An instructor-controller who is observing the flight session from the control room next to the flying chamber monitors all activities in the flight area and adjusts the speed of the airflow accordingly. Each of our instructors has completed a rigorous training program prior to entering our organization.

The modern design of our motors ensures a slow decrease of the wind speed in the event of a power failure, which means that the flyer slowly sinks to the safety net.

A temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius is maintianed throughout the building as well as inside the flight chamber.

Flying in a freefall simulator is not difficult physically and does not require specific strength. The more relaxed you are, the easier your body adapts to the new environment and to a proper body position in the wind. 
Since you will be in a new, unusual environment and will experience many new sensations while flying, it is not uncommon to feel a little tired afterwards.

With sufficient training almost everything you can imagine is possible. Sportsmen and parachute jumpers use our facility to train for local competitions, international championships, or just to improve their skydiving skills. Sportflyers can learn to perform dance routines, trick sequences, speed lines, follow-the-leader drills, and everything in between. Many disciplines exist in the world of sport flying. All of them are developed and advanced by top athletes in tunnels across the world.

A new flyer will always begin learning by working one-on-one with an instructor. The instructor will provide safety and assist them during the flight. If you have booked a group offer for beginners, you will complete the briefing as a group and enter the waiting room of the flight chamber together. Flyers will then take turns, one by one with the instructor. The glass walls of the flight chamber are transparent, so you can watch the flights of your friends, family and colleagues, and they will see you. You can even cheer and encourage each other in the waiting room of the flight chamber. 

Experienced flyers may fly together as a team. The flight chamber has enough space to fit up to 6 experienced sport flyers flying together.

The flight chamber is 19 m tall. Beginners fly together with our instructor not higher than 4 m.

  • A flight session in the wind tunnel with your instructor
  • A demonstration “bodyflying show” from the instructor
  • A personalized certificate of accomplishment, with a reference to video and photos which can be purchased for a fee
  • A logbook for your flights (upon request)
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