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Improve your skills

Weather-independent training throughout the year


Nearly everyone can experience the excitement that flying offers.
Anyone in good health and with reasonable fitness can fly.

You want to improve your skills, train with your team or just fly with friends? Our highly trained team is always ready to assist you. You can always train with us. Whether as an experienced flyer, as a freshly baked AFF examinee or as a professional tunnel flyer: you can train and improve your techniques.


On-Peak time


Valid for 36 month from the date of purchase
* valid for ON-Peak and OFF-Peak Time Slots / Excluding coaching

0-10 hours - 900/h
10-50 hours - 850/h
50-100 hours - 800/h

Off-Peak time


Valid for 36 month from the date of purchase
*  valid  for  OFF-Peak  Time  Slots  only  /  Excluding coaching

0-5 hours - 695/h
5-10 hours - 675/h
10-100 hours - 660/h

Special offer

Can be purchased from 01.01.2019 until 30.09.2019.
Can be used until 31.12.2019
* valid for OFF-Peak Time Slots only / Excluding coaching

0-5 hours - 460/h
5-10 hours - 430/h
10-100 hours - 410/h

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