into an unforgettable adventure

Bodyflying, also known as indoor skydiving, lets you experience the fascinating feeling of free fall. With your own body. Just like during a parachute jump from 4000 meters. In an absolutely safe environment!

Before you jump into the wind stream, the bodyflying procedure will be explained to you in a personal briefing. After that, you are ready for your first flight attempt in the windtunnel. For your safety, two instructors are always by your side. One will accompany your flight in the wind tunnel, hold you securely in the beginning if necessary and provide you with tips and tricks. The other instructor monitors your wind speed and flight time from the “command center”.

Everyone can fly!

Yes – you read that right!
Whether old or young, beginner or advanced flyer, you’re afraid of heights or an adrenaline junkie:
We have the right bodyflying experience for you!

For your own safety, please note our conditions of participation:

If you can answer the following questions with YES, you can fly with us:

  • You are older than 4 years.
  • You weigh no more than 120 kg (265 lbs).
  • You have never had a dislocated shoulder.
  • You are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You are not pregnant.

We love nothing more than making the dream of flight possible for everyone! Even with physical disabilities and handicaps, bodyflying is almost always possible! Please contact us before you plan your flight if you have detailed questions, need more information or special support!

If you have acute injuries, shoulder, joint, back, spine or neck problems, cardiovascular diseases or epilepsy, please also contact your doctor!

About your bodyflying experience

Every beginner package not only includes your individual flight time. We always provide you with all the rental equipment for your flight and our experienced instructors will prepare you for your flying experience.
Regardless of your flight time, the overall experience on site lasts around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Here is a brief overview and some information about the bodyflying process:

1. Registration

Have you already made an appointment in our store with your voucher code? Great!
Please make sure you arrive at our location one hour before the scheduled flight to register. You will then have some time to watch the other groups fly.

Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Anmeldung

2. Briefing

Your briefing begins half an hour before the flight. Your instructor will now reveal all the secrets of flying to you. You will practice your flying position together with dry runs and learn which hand signals are used to correct your body position. Pay very close attention to the information you get now, as you may not be able to hear your instructor in the windtunnel.

Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Einweisung
Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Einweisung

3. Suit up!

You are about to start! With jeans, a T-shirt and lace-up sneakers, you’ve already chosen the perfect outfit. We’ll provide you with the rest. As soon as your flight suit, helmet, goggles and ear plugs fit properly, you’re ready for your flight!

Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Umkleiden
Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Umkleiden
Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Umkleiden

4. Let's fly!

Now it’s your turn! Just one small step… and you’re flying! Enjoy the unique feeling of suddenly taking off and floating with your body in the wind.

If you have booked 10 minutes on your own, for example, we will divide your time into several flights. Between the individual sessions, you’ll have some time to take a deep breath and analyze your progress on video. You will notice: While you were still dependent on a little more help from your instructor on the first flight, you will be able to keep yourself much more stable on the second flight. From the third flight onwards, the first control maneuvers, such as turns, are usually already possible!

If you have booked a larger group package with your friends, we will divide the flight time fairly between all participants.

5. Taxi-Flight

The highlight at the end: the taxi-flight with your instructor! If you fly calmly and stable enough, you will have the opportunity to fly up together with your instructor!
Please note! This is an optional extra service that cannot always be guaranteed.

Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Taxi-Flug
Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Taxi-Flug
Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Taxi-Flug

6. Pics or it didn't happen!

Your friend forgot to click the shutter out of sheer amazement? Don’t worry. Each of your flights will be recorded by 3 video cameras so that you can analyze your flight position from every angle. We’ll also take photos of your flight with a professional SLR camera. Don’t forget to smile!

You can download all photos and videos for 30 days (for a fee) from our media kiosk!

You can also book these in advance. As soon as you have added your bodyflying experience to your shopping cart, you can add the photo and video package.

Ablauf beim Bodyflying: Fotos & Videos

Are you


Still have questions? Do you need more detailed information about our adult, children’s or group packages?
Do you need help planning your company event or a conference with an exciting program including catering?
Are you a proflyer and want to improve your personal flying skills?

We will be happy to help you personally and advise you!

You can reach us during our opening hours at
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