Bodyflying for Groups at Flystation Munich

Bodyflying for Groups

The location for your birthday celebration, family trip or your best friends' bachelor party

A birthday party that your friends will still be talking about in 10 years? Action and adrenaline instead of coffee and cake on a family trip with grandma and grandpa? A bachelorette party that won’t just make the bride fly high? Graduation, wedding or a special anniversary – there’s always a reason to celebrate!

We have the right bodyflying package for every group size!
Flying is even more fun together!

Group packages:
Perfect for sharing

All bodyflying packages for adults with multiple flights can be shared with your best friends, your family or even your sports club.

How it works?
You book for example the Gold package with 6 minutes flight time online and come to us with another friend. You register on site and decide whether we split the flight time fairly with 3 minutes per person or unfairly with 4 and 2 minutes. This is how it works with every larger package! The flight time is regularly divided by the number of participants in your group or you can decide whether one person can fly more often.

10 minutes Bodyflying
5 flights
for 1 – 5 persons

20 minutes Bodyflying
10 flights
for 2 – 10 persons

30 minutes exclusive flight time
15 flights
for 2 – 15 persons

Kids Birthday

FlyStation München Bodyflying Kindergeburtstag

20 minutes Bodyflying
10 flights
for 2 – 10 kids (age 4 – 15)

Kids Birthday Party XL

FlyStation München Bodyflying Kindergeburtstag

30 minutes exclusive flight time
15 flights
for 2 – 15 kids (age 4 – 15)

Bodyflying meets Corporate Events

Are you looking for a spectacular company event for your team or the entire department? In our teambuilding offers you will find inspiration and the right bodyflying packages for your next company outing! Whether you are looking for an exciting activity for your small team of 8 employees or want to rent our entire facility exclusively for large groups of 100 people – we will put together the perfect offer for you.

If there is sufficient availability, you can book several 30-minute packages in a row at any time and thus use our wind tunnel exclusively for several hours for your event.

By the way: We are also open for your event outside our regular business hours for flight packages of one hour or more!