Bodyflying for Adults

Flying is more than a childhood dream!

When was the last time you tried something new?
Bodyflying lets you experience the tingling sensation in your stomach before you jump and the indescribable feeling of flying – just like in a real parachute jump. Learn to control your body in the wind stream in just a few minutes and discover your new favorite sport!

Invite your best friends or family along and share your experience with them!

All group packages can be shared by several people! You will experience everything together: from the briefing and getting changed to waiting in the antechamber for your flight. Each participant always flies alone with our instructor so that we can optimally adjust the wind speed to your body.

1 flight (2 minutes)
for 1 person

2 flights (4 minutes)
for 1 – 2 persons

3 flights (6 minutes)
for 1 – 3 persons

5 flights (10 minutes)
for 1 – 5 persons

10 flights (20 minutes)
for 2 – 10 persons

30 minutes exclusive flight time
for 2 – 15 persons

Bodyflying courses for adults

Learn to fly like the pros!

Have you found your new favorite sport in bodyflying? We can totally understand that!
Indoor skydiving is one of the fastest growing “new” sports, with world championships even being held in various disciplines.

And you can make flying your hobby too!

Our courses will teach you all the skills you need to achieve Proflyer status. As soon as you can fly in a stable position, you will gradually learn how to control your body in the wind! Together with your instructor, you will practice flying forwards and backwards, initiating and stopping turns and learning how to fly up and down on your own.

Once you have achieved all your learning goals, you will become a Proflyer and benefit from unbeatable conditions!

15 minutes individual training
for 1 person
After two of these courses you will be a Proflyer

30 minutes Team Training
for 2 persons
After two of these courses you will be a Proflyer

15 minutes AFF Training
for 1 person (aspiring skydivers with proof of skydiving training contract)

Bodyflying gift vouchers

You don’t just want to fly yourself, but give a unique experience as a gift? You can either book all packages directly with an appointment or buy them as a gift voucher. This will be sent to you immediately by e-mail as a PDF and you can redeem your voucher and make an appointment within 3 years.

You can also choose whether you would prefer to receive a gift voucher card by post.
To do so, add your desired bodyflying package to the shopping cart and add the gift voucher with postal delivery.