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Who can fly

Can I fly ?


Nearly everyone can experience the excitement that flying offers.
Anyone in good health and with reasonable fitness can fly.

We do have a few requirements, so please check the criteria below before scheduling:

  • minimum age is 4 years and no maximum age
  • flyers under the age of 18 years equire a signed permission from a parent or legal guardian
  • body weight must not be higher than 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • if you’ve experienced a recent shoulder, joint, back, spine, neck or heart problem, please consult your doctor and contact us before scheduling a flight

In general, you should not fly if you:

  • are pregnant
  • have prior shoulder dislocations
  • are under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • have a dangerous heart or circulatory disturbance, or wear a pace-maker
  • have any acute injuries, communicable diseases or open wounds

You must sign a liability waiver before flying

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What do you need to bring:

  • clean, flat sport shoes with a non-colored sole that can be securely tightened. We will provide you with sneakers if you don’t have appropriate footwear.
  • comfortable clothes – a daily casual or sport outfit.

What we provide you:

  • flight suit
  • helmet
  • protective goggles. If you wear glasses — no problem, we have special fitted goggles for you.

If you are concerned about any of the above conditions, or need to consult a member of our staff,please do this before booking.

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