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Valentine's Day

Love is in the Air


Make your dream of flying come true together for Valentine's Day!

Are you looking for ideas for Valentine's day? We have prepared something for you!

Spend an unforgettable moment with our St-Valentines special (4 flights to share between 2 people) + 2 glasses of bubbles offered after the flight.

Offer available until 16.02.2020 included.

Happy Valentine's day!

February 14th is a Valentine's Day.
And this time it's not just the butterflies in your stomach that are going to fly.


For all those who want to make this day together with their loved ones an unforgettable experience, we have unique offers that not only make hearts beat faster.

For Valentine's Day it can also be something very special. And what better proof of love than to fulfill the dream of flying together. Taking off together in one of the most powerful wind tunnels in the world.

So take the opportunity and give your loved one a gift that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

And best of all, our wind tunnel is easily accessible via the motorway and is only a few minutes away from Munich Airport. So you can fulfill your dream of flying for Valentine's Day easily and without detours.


We are looking forward to you!

Or choose one of our basic packages.


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