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On this page you can browse our flying schedule and see the available times. How to use the schedule: Point on the date and see available times. The time during the days is displayed in 30 min blocks. A timeblock is not shown if all 30 minutes are already booked.

Red This color indicates that there are 10 minutes or less left available in the block.

Yellow This color indicates that the amount of minutes still available in the block is between 20 and 10 minutes.

Green This color indicates that a few minutes are already booked in that block, and the amont of time still available is less than 30, but more than 20 minutes.

If the time slot is not colored - the entire 30 minutes is still available. Hurry up and book!

Please proceed to our online shop to select a flight package and book the desired date and time. See you in FlyStation!

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