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Everybody can fly! Make your dreams real. Fly like a superhero.


Bodyflying is wonderful entertainment for everyone. Kids can enjoy flying from the age of 4 years. Wind tunnel flying is just as exciting as skydiving, but absolutely safe! No special skills or previous experience are needed. The rental of a flight suit, protective goggles, helmet and earplugs is included in every package. Our instructors will provide an engaging pre-flight briefing lesson, which lasts about 20 min.

With your first step into the airflow the adventure begins – you can fly like a superhero!

Check our selection of products designed specifically for our little guests.

Age: between 4 and 15 years old


1 flight for 1 kid

Flying has always been a childhood dream. And now it's becoming reality! Everyone from the age of four can take off with us. As long as you have a little bit of courage. This package is for adventurous explorers who have always wanted to know what it feels like to fly.

2 flights for 1 kid

Flying through the air like a superhero - how must that feel? We can make this wish come true. And with two flights, little adventurers will discover the fascination of bodyflying and experience as much freefall time as during four parachute jumps from 4000 meters!

3 flights for 1 kid

Lose the ground under your feet and simply take off - in a completely safe environment. This package is for little fun-seekers, who can plunge into the adventure a whole three times. Always at their side are our experienced instructors, who not only pass on the fun of flying, but also ensure safety.

5 flights for 1 kid (videos included!)

In a playful way, little superheroes discover how to control and navigate their bodies in the windtunnel. Forward, backward, up and down, sideways movements and turns: There are no limits in bodyflying. After three of these courses, children can become proflyers and benefit from our discounted proflyer offers.

Plan an unforgettable children's birthday party with us: Together, the little adventurers will discover the magic of flying! For half an hour, up to 15 children take turns flying, cheering on each other and growing beyond themselves. A birthday that will be remembered forever.

In addition, you can rent an extra decorated room from us for the rest of the birthday party. Please contact our service team.

This offer is also valid for school trips or summer camps.

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