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How it works

State of the art technology


The airflow is generated by four axial fans driven by electric motors with a total power output of 1,600 KW. An sequence of turning vanes directs the wind into the flight chamber, forming a vertical column of air with a maximum speed of more than 300 kilometres per hour.

Our technology eliminates even minor turbulence in the airflow, bringing the authentic sensation of skydiving to all of our guests. Two minutes of flying in the wind tunnel represents the equivalent freefall time of two skydives from the altitude of 5000 meters.

The original design of our 4.5 m diameter flight chamber, featuring a perfectly round shape and two levels of glass, make it possible to enjoy flights at all speeds. The walls of the flight chamber are absolutely transparent, which allows our guests to view the flights of friends and family members.

Safety and reliability


The speed of the airflow is controlled at all times by a designated instructor. Flight instructor and wind speed controller communicate with each other with a set of special signals, adjusting the airflow speed according to the situational needs.

The temperature inside the flying chamber is controlled manually and kept at a comfortable level at all times, regardless of outdoor weather.

The FlyStation Munich wind tunnel by Tunnel Technologies is built with a strong focus on durability, reliability and safety. Routine maintenance and mandatory check-ups of all systems are performed regularly to provide best flying environment for all of our guests - beginners and professionals alike.

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