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Holiday Special

Experience refreshing adventure in a safe environment!


School year is over & Holiday fun begins!

When the school year is over - it's finally a time for fun and activities!

For all the children who have successfully completed the school year, FlyStation Munich prepared the best Holiday Specials.

It's a unique feeling to float in the wind tunnel. The indoor alternative to parachuting is both exciting and safe. The flying pleasure is suitable for beginners and even children from four years and seniors, it's fun for the whole family. An experienced instructor is always there for you, helps and assists you.

Every package includes:

  • All necessary flight equipment (flight suit, helmet, earplugs, goggles)
  • In-class briefing
  • Flying guided by experienced instructor
  • Demonstration flight show
  • Personal diploma of achievement
Resist the hot weather and throw yourself to a refreshing breeze in the wind tunnel.

Now you can fly with us!

Every minute in the tunnel is equal to one skydive from 5000 meters.

The whole experience including classroom time, gearing up time, and flight time may take up to 2 hours.

School is OUT, Fun is IN!

Are you looking for ultimate fun?

For this occasion we add a minute for free to the "Kids Play Time" package!!!

Reward, inspire and motivate your kids - offer them an unforgettable experience, they deserve it!

*Valid for 1 year

School is OUT, Fun is IN!
4x3min flights for 1 or 4 persons.
Young and old can fulfill their personal dream of flying in the wind tunnels. Whether four-year-old child or spry pensioner, the wind tunnel is there for everyone and offers an absolutely safe environment.

We add 2 min for free to the "Platinum" package!!!

*Valid for 1 year

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