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Flystation Munich
FlyStation Munich is the new attraction in the north of Munich: a vertical and vitrified wind tunnel that allows everyone to fly. This windtunnel build by Tunnel Technologies features a round flight chamber with 4.5 diameter and 19.5 meters height. The wind tunnel simulates a free fall and you have the same feeling as a real skydive from 4000m altitude. You can fly independently of the season (at any time +22 degrees) and enjoy exercising. Wind speed and temperature in the tunnel are controllable and will be adjusted to your needs. It is an experience for the whole family and great fun for children and adults. You will be impressed by this adventure and experience the thrill of a human flight and the simulation of true freefall conditions in our vertical wind tunnel. We offer a comfortable lounge, video rooms, a restaurant and a café with an attendance stand where you can relax and review your flight.

Flystation München
Bajuwarenstrasse 1
München, Germany 85375
P: +49 162 8828881

Flystation St Petersburg
FlyStation is the first and biggest professional wind tunnel in St Petersburg, Russia. Located in the Russian “Northern Capital”, this windtunnel has been welcoming local and international guests since late 2012. This tunnel offers some of the most competitive rates worldwide and hosts some of the finest coaches from around the world. FlyStation St. Petersburg is an ISG technology windtunnel, featuring 14ft dodecagonal flight chamber with 4 meters glass walls. The facility is open from 09:00AM till 02:00AM for recreational flying and 24/7 for skydiving and bodyflying training. The Russian second biggest city is famous for it’s numerous museums and art galleries, historical monuments from both Royal and Soviet era, world famous ballet, and fine dining.

FlyStation St Petersburg
7км Токсовского шоссе, г.п.
Russia, 188663
P: +7 (812) 633-07-07

Flystation Japan
FlyStation Japan is the first wind tunnel in Japan, operating in Japan’s capital since early 2017. The first windtunnel build by Tunnel Technologies features 4,8ft round flight chamber and 19 meter glass. The speed of the airflow reaches up to 360km/h making FlyStation Japan one the world’s most powerful tunnels. The facility is open from 09:00AM till 02:00AM for recreational flying and 24/7 for skydiving and bodyflying training. Tokyo is one of the world's most modern cities in terms of its infrastructure and design and is famous for its cultural sights and internationally recognized cuisine.

Flystation Japan
Japan, 〒343-0828
Saitama Prefecture, Koshigaya,
Lake Town, 6−19−3
P: 03-4530-6100

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